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This site is a fund-raising facilitator developed by the Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA Advancement Office and the Waterford Kamhlaba Foundation of South Africa. The Foundation is  a charity registered in South Africa and supported by WK alumni. We want to inspire students and alumni to set up their own ‘Kamhlaba Challenges’ to assist the School’s Scholarship Programme, to help maintain and develop the physical fabric of the School, and to support the School’s amazing community engagement partnerships. Please look at the School’s ‘Contribute’ website and you’ll see what we mean!

If you want to check out (and hopefully contribute to) the challenges please go to the Current Challenges tab on this site (top right or button down below) and take a tour around.

If you’d like to Submit a Challenge yourself so that it appears on the Challenges page (Please do!!) then you can go to the Submit a Challenge Tab and enter the details, including whether you are raising funds for Scholarships, Buildings or Community Engagements. We might contact you for more detail but once your Challenge is up on the site you can then share the link with all your supporters and get going on your Challenge!!

All funds donated are channeled via the secure PayFast platform to the WK Foundation Charity account and from there directly to the School. Donors can also use the WK Paypal site or contribute directly to the WK Foundation FNB account.

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