250 km Challenge

Alan was at the recent 60th Anniversary of the school in eSwatini and will be walking 250 km to support the school scholarships programme. He is under starter’s (and doctor’s) orders on 6th September (eSwatini Independence Day!) [ACTIVE]

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Sub 6 @ 60 for $6.0k

Want to have an out-sized impact on a brilliant student from economically disadvantaged circumstances? This is your chance. Invest and help unlock a world-class high school education PLUS 4 years of US university. I run, they win! [ACTIVE]

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Luxembourg to Mpaka Challenge

The Luxembourg Mpaka challenge is to fund one full scholarship for a refugee to attend the two-year WK IB programme. This would unlock 4-years at university from the Shelby Davis scholarship fund.  Transform 40,000km into €40,000 today! [ACTIVE]

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