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Luxembourg to Mpaka Challenge

Over the years the students at Waterford Kamhlaba have inspired donors to give generously. Donors are touched by the students’ compassion and commitment to others and by their desire to lead positive change in the world through their connections across racial, gender and socio-economic backgrounds, and by learning together in this unique environment on our African continent.

The college continues boldly into the 2020s, under the shadow of Covid-19, bravely entering a new era in the life of our college. WK carries a legacy as the first intentionally racially diverse school in Southern Africa. At this time there are new, complex challenges that face the  students and the college today. These challenges most affect students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and particularly refugee camps such as the one at Mpaka in eSwatini.  I have seen how this unique educational experience can pivot a refugee into making a significant difference for themselves, their communities and those in the region and beyond.

I now invite you to join me in supporting the schooling of a refugee at WK which costs €20,000 (Rand 350,000) annually. Help me raise €40,000 for a refugee to study at Waterford Kamhlaba. For students in their last two years, this means an IB Diploma education. For those refugees entering at earlier years, the commitment is for the duration of their time at Waterford Kamhlaba.

A successful IB diploma will then allow the student access to a fully funded four-year university education.  How much can you sponsor per month over the next two years to create a multiplier effect?

€10 per month over two years = Rand 4,000

€25 per month over two years = Rand 10,000

€50 per month over two years = Rand 20,000

€100 per month over two years will go a long way toward reaching our goal.

The first sponsor, a Luxembourg citizen, has pledged €500 per month over a two year period 2021-2023 in support of one Mpaka refugee to study at Waterford Kamhlaba. We have 5 other regular donors. The total amount, to date, is reflected in the percentage of target reached above. See the details below to pledge your donation. You can check back on the Kamhlaba Challenge page at any time and you will receive termly updates through the Donor Newsletter.


If you’d like to discuss my challenge further, please contact me by email patriciaangoy56@gmail.com  I will also be holding an Anniversary meeting in early November 2023 to commemorate Waterford Kamhlaba’s 60th Birthday. See WK website for details nearer the date and to get weekly updates on the activities of the college; https://www.waterford.sz/

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  2. WK Foundation’s PayPal page, a link to which can be found immediately below, can also be used. Please mention “Mpaka” on the payments so we can update progress on the challenge site.
  3. At Paypal, you can make a single large donation or set up a smaller monthly payment as an alternative.

Thank you so much!

Patricia Angoy





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